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Why Do Bristol Wedding Cars Have Ribbons?

Jan 24

Whenever I am at a wedding, I always find it interesting to see the wedding cars in Bristol UK and why they have ribbons on them. The ribbons are a great way to decorate the wedding car and make it look unique, but why do wedding cars in Bristol UK have ribbons?

Window stickers

Adding window stickers to your wedding car can be a great way to bring your wedding vision to life. They are also an inexpensive and easy way to promote your business. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and graphics. You can create a custom design for your car that will impress your guests.

A large sticker can make a bold statement. You should choose a graphic that is not too overwhelming. You should also make sure that the image is of high quality. This will ensure that the sticker prints out beautifully. The graphics are important because they will be visible to the people who see it.

The best window stickers are those that have a clever and unique design. For example, you might want to use a large number of small stickers on a single window, or a large sticker that includes a large picture. You can also choose a design that has an eye-catching colour scheme.


Getting your wedding cars decorated is the perfect way to leave a mark on your special day. From flowers to ribbons, and other materials, there are plenty of ways to add personal touches to your vehicle. The exterior of the car is the first thing guests see, so it is important that it reflects your style.

When you are decorating your car in Bristol, it is also important to consider how your wedding theme will be carried through. For example, if you are using a bright colour theme, try sticking with a neutral colour for the interior. You can also add flashing LED lights to the interior of the car, which can be set to a permanent colour. This will add a little eccentricity to your wedding.

Floral stencils

Adding a bit of sparkle to your upcoming nuptials is just one part of the process. Besides, a glitzy ride is sure to awe your guests. There are plenty of ways to do this. For instance, you can wrap your car in custom fabric or hire a limo for the happy couple. Another cool idea is to decorate the inside of the car with flashing LED lights. This will also make for a fun photo opp.

For a real thrill, try adding a plethora of brightly coloured flowers to the mix. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as a centrepiece bouquet and a spray of petals on the rear quarters of your car. You can also go all out by covering your car with a canopy of daffodils or even a riot of tulips.

Bride's white Cadillac broke down in Bristol

Sadly, a bride was left stranded in Bristol after her white Cadillac broke down on her wedding day. She was on her way to the Registry Office in the city centre when the vehicle broke down. But thankfully, a police officer managed to rescue her from the car and take her to the wedding venue.

The incident happened on Saturday, October 14 when Yasmin Lovekin and her father, Colin, were on their way to the registry office in Bristol's city centre. They were about to catch a taxi to the Tickenham wedding venue when the car broke down. At the scene, PC Bridget Griffiths noticed a distressed bride outside the car and contacted the police. The officer spoke to Yasmin's chauffeur and rescued her from the vehicle.

Bridal's vintage split screen camper van

During the 1960's, wedding cars with split screens were a popular choice for weddings. They offered a beautiful backdrop for photos and provided a great opportunity for the bridal party to take photos together. They also offered a more practical option for the bridal party, as they could sit facing each other, allowing for easy communication.

These vehicles are available for hire throughout Ayrshire and beyond. Whether you're looking for a small car for your wedding party or a large one for all your guests, there's a car that's perfect for you. You can even get a classic wedding car that has ribbons, so you can match it with your wedding colours! For more information about the wedding car rentals, contact Vanilla Moon Weddings on 01623 439125.


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